Skiing on Moravian Glacier

Glacier skiing in Czech Republic? Well, there is no real glacier, of course 😉 However, there is Praděd, aka “Moravian Glacier” – the highest ski resort in Czech Republic. Located in Jeseniky mountains, it offers rather short ski runs (500-800m) and picturesquely old and slow ski lifts (2 platters and 1 t-bar) with horribly ineffective capacity.

As far as I’m oriented no new investments are being made due to environmental issues, therefore the entire resort has an unique, old school charm, including paper skipasses on a string.

The resort can be accesses by a narrow, one-way road, with direction of traffic being changed every 30 minutes. The fee for a private car is 450CZK, which is equivalent of ca. 18EUR. Same toll has to paid for the road from Soelden to Rettenbach Glacier in Oetztal, Austria – that’s one of the resemblances to real glaciers! 🙂 Alternatively,  you can leave the car on the parking lot in the valley and reach the resort by a bus, which is significantly cheaper.

The tree line ends quite low, therefore some 2/3 of ski slopes are located above that line, which indeed creates a “glacerish” atmosphere around the slopes.

Worth to mention, there is no snow-making system and entire resort runs on natural snow only.  Nevertheless, thank to a unique micro climate, it offers excellent snow conditions until the beginning of May.

During main season, there are many bigger, more modern resorts around norther part of Czech Republic, but when the spring hits the slopes and resorts starts to close, Praděd is a great place for enjoyable spring skiing.